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Roger Anthony, Co-Author of “Be A Beast”


Roger Anthony, Chief Steward – visionary, corporate trainer, and boxing speedball champion athlete whose knowledge and wisdom raised the bar on the detail for excellence on the Extreme Focus team.

Roger founded of Crocodiles International, an organization that specializes in business and personal transformation, and whose mission is: “Inspiring people to help themselves thus enabling them to inspire others to do the same!” Before his passing in 2014, Roger was an exceptional public speaker, coach, mentor, entrepreneur, athlete, and author. His life exemplified how one can keep Cool, Calm, Creative Spiritual, and Productive under pressure. He had the innate ability to inspire individuals, groups, and audiences worldwide to ignite their creative intuitive and be as they are truly created to be and live their true mission and purpose in life.

As an entrepreneurial coach of CEOs and founders, Roger’s wisdom and wide contacts also enable him to be an initiator of new and collaborative partnerships, often bringing together key team members and business partners. Roger specialized in coaching you to re-discover your unlimited potential, reignite the creative intuitive within, and help you take charge of your life, personal or business. He offered time-honored principles and a system by which to remember these principles effortlessly so one can easily integrate the new knowledge and effect positive behavioral changes. Roger invited you to join him on your personal journey of mastery, a continuous personal growth journey, which takes you as in individual, a family, a team, or an organization, to integrate what you already know (analytical logic) with what you inherently know (creative intuitive) and walk a new walk – your personal “Walk From Within.” We at Extreme Focus are truly honored and humbled to carry on Roger’s legacy with the BE A BEAST training programs that are within our suite of products.

To learn more about the Crocodiles International Corporate and Public Training programs please visit their website: