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BE A BEAST Training enables you to up your game with immediate results. It is a program that uses our most effective mental performance training tools…and is the “secret weapon” to get your mind working for you rather than against you!

BE A BEAST combines these tools with a unique method of anchoring them into your sub-conscious mind. It is the cutting edge of human performance to elevate your results. It’s fresh, innovative and different…

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The results you seek over the next 30-days are at stake!!

For years I’ve been sitting on the sidelines…watching this program or that program getting hyped and seeing how tons of colleagues and associates are slamming it online marketing their programs. The latest and greatest tips and tools to make you millions…and secrets on how to be a success. It’s been amazing to watch and eye-opening as well. I’ve even had my team participate in some of these programs.

But you know what? At the end of the day, nothing works and nothing really changes…within your life and business. Except that perhaps you have additional “shelf-help” products and modules staring you down from your bookshelves!!

The reason why? I’ll tell you exactly what I believe it is… Until you change your mindset, until you bull-shift your sub-conscious beliefs, none of these amazing programs, tools, tips, or techniques are going to work for you!

And I’m perfectly serious when I say this. It may sound harsh, but after dozens and dozens of years working with professional athletes (and individuals) on getting them mentally prepared and at the top of their games playing “in the zone,” I know without a shadow of a doubt that IF YOU DON’T GET YOUR MIND RIGHT FIRST, NOTHING…AND I MEAN NOTHING, IS GOING TO WORK like you hope it will.


Perhaps, you have had a “bump of success” here and there. And from time to time you’ve even gone out and tried all the latest and greatest success and personal development programs trying to improve your life. Maybe even spent THOUSANDS of dollars on training courses. But let me tell you this…if you don’t get your mind right BEFORE implementing any of these new ideas…somewhere down the road you will crash and burn, then eventually slip back to old ways of doing things.

That’s because the main purpose of the sub-conscious mind is to keep you “comfortable!” Really?

YES…but you can bullshit (or what we call bull-shift) your mind!! And it’s easy…

I dare you to try and prove me wrong! I don’t think you can. I have years and years (even decades in fact) of stats to back me up on this.


8 Group Coaching Calls

Small group atmosphere where I am able to get inside your head and extract out all of those mental blocks and self-sabotaging habits that are keeping you from your greatest accomplishments.

6-Week PRO ELITE Membership

Proven system where you train like the pros with the pros with access to the entire library and extra benefits such as Dave’s XF Series “12-Step Process” videos, “The VIZ,” “Winning Habits,” and training calls.

Private Facebook Group Access 

Interact with a Superbowl winner, a 3-time Olympic gold medalist, 2-time world champion, a Guinness Book record holder, MLB players, an AFL quarterback, a chef to 4 presidents and the Oscars, CEO’s and internet marketing gurus, and a pop recording artist. Not a bad group to rub elbows.


The great thing about working with professional athletes (and sports teams as well) is that we have a scoreboard to track results. And those stats are available to the general public. No way to manufacture and puff up results…its black and white stats for anyone to see within record books.

So I ask you this…what results do you want to see within the next 30-days?

  • Do you want more success in your business?

  • More cash in your bank account?

  • More love in your life with better and more authentic communications?

  • How about more travel and leisure?

  • How about more free time while you are making more money with less effort?

All of these things are possible…when you combine the desire and ambition with the right mental mindset. And it doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, when you get your mind right, everything begins to get easier and you can have success with less time and effort.


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Why not say YES to a simple, yet profound 30-day experiment?

No reason to struggle anymore and wish for a better life.

Make this year, a year of action for you. Do something that is going to actually “work” this time…something that will support you in successfully reaching your goals… I’m inviting you into “my world” and into the world of professional sports training for…where I am going to help you tie it all together so you can finally get the success and the results you are looking for.

The BE A BEAST training system is a proven winner…and it’s time to put the mindset to work for you and rather than against you!

Good news:

Our next group is now forming…


So SIGN UP here before your “mind” gets in the way and talks you out of it…AGAIN!!!

Here’s to great success for YOU getting into BEAST MODE now!!

Coach Dave
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PS. => INTERESTING TIDBIT:  The year I was brought in to Spring Training to work with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Eric Gagne was in the middle of the “most consecutive saves” in MLB history. One day after I had given a talk to the team about developing your belief system, Eric came over to me and said…he doesn’t believe in himself. He said all he did was BS his mind that he could do it. I then said to him, “so in other words, you believe you can bullshit your mind to do it.” Eric went on to set the record and win the Cy Young Award that year (an award given to the best pitcher in baseball). I guess not only was he a great pitcher, he was also great at making “his mind work for him rather than against him!” YOU CAN DO IT TOO…