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10 Stories of Going After the Seemingly Impossible
With Dave Austin

It All Starts with a Dream

Dave breaks down the concept of a moonshot and sets the stage for the stories to come.

1. Adapting to Change

Dave tells how he went from a football/baseball scholarship and experiencing a tragic car accident to becoming a world-ranked professional tennis player.

2. Manifesting a Dream

From broke college student to living beachfront.

3. The “It” Factor

Dave shares his “ah ha” from being in the same acting class with George Clooney.

4. Going from Bad to Good

Dave recalls his dream of having a song on the radio and how he landed on Billboard’s “Pick Hit” List.

5. Breaking New Barriers

Musicians won’t perform for free? Hear how the Music & Tennis Festival came to be, featuring artists such as Kansas, Queen, Rush, Santana, America, Loverboy, and many more.

6. Maintaining Faith

What do you do when things start going wrong? Dave shares how he landed Pete Sampras, the hottest name in tennis at the time, to play an exhibition at the Music and Tennis Festival.

7. David vs. Goliath

How a brown paper bag beat out a $25 million ad campaign.

8. Persistent or Annoying?

How persistent is too much? Dave shares how sending funny comics landed him a book deal with a major publisher without an agent.

9. The Mental Game of Sports

Dave shares how his career as a mental performance coach came to be, working with some of professional sport’s top athletes

10. From the Locker Room to the Boardroom

Dave shares the lessons executives can learn from top-performing athletes to take their own performance to the next level.