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Meet Dave Austin

As a High Performance Coach, he helps people get their minds to work for them, rather than against them. Dave is a former world-ranked tennis player and is now an international best-selling author.

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We all have “a beast” within us, and yet, there are times when the power of our mind keeps it from being unleashed. But, when we tap into our true instinctive nature, that’s when we allow ourselves to play at the highest level. And, it does not matter if you are a professional athlete, or a CEO, or an entrepreneur—or simply someone who seeks to get more out of everyday life. The principles are the same.

GAME TIME Weekly Training Videos

Within professional sports, Dave is known for his signature “Game Ready” process. A game ready quickly shifts you into a focused, high-performance state of mind. In business, we can benefit from this same process. Each Monday, Dave will lead you through a “Game Ready” so that you’re supercharged for the week ahead


Mental Triggers that Snap You Instantly Into a State of Peak High-Performance. We’ve developed a unique mindset training system that provides easy to use mental triggers proven to shift your behaviors and reactions into right action in order to achieve greater results and higher performance in everything you do. BEAST TRIGGERS is a proven system that gets your mind working for you rather than against you.

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