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Game ON…with our “Be A Beast” 30-Day Training!!!

1. You get to work with coaches who have years of experience working with individuals and teams that under all circumstance have to perform at their very best; including Pro and Olympic teams and athletes, Navy Seals and Army Rangers, plus corporate teams and individuals. Getting real results that speak for themselves. Why not you? Instead of being on the sidelines get in the game! Learn to create your results inside out.

“Having so much success in so many different arenas, Dave knows something about the principles of success. It is obvious he has methods and methodologies that work everywhere, all the time.”

– T. Harv Eker, author of the #1 NY Times Best-Selling book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”

2. You will be in a group of others who are willing and eager to take their lives to new heights. It is a proven fact that like minded individuals achieve greater results masterminding together. The Beast system and processes has unprecedented results. Why not you ?

“Dave Austin is one of those rare people who not only can talk the talk, but also walk the walk. He has a tremendous base of knowledge!”

 – Bill Bartman #1 New York Best Selling author and self-made billionaire entrepreneur, included in the Forbes Magazine list of the 400 Wealthiest Americans

3. A 1-hour call with Dave and the group each week for 4 consecutive weeks going over the game plan. I guarantee there is no other program like this.

“Dave’s work is like no one I’ve seen before. But then again, he’s the most effective of anyone I’ve seen in his this field.”

– Jim Tracy, MLB manager of the year

4. The program comes with the number one retention program tested in the world. What does that mean? It means you will retain what you are learning and have triggers to shift you into the right mindset when pressure hits.

“Get into Dave Austin’s process. He has taken what he has taught to the best. He is incredible! Your productivity will skyrocket and Dave shows you how to bring out the best in yourself very fast.”

-Bob Proctor, author, speaker, and teacher of “The Secret”

5. Access into Extreme Focus membership portal

Includes the following:

      • Access to the ENTIRE Training XF Series video collection
      • XF Game Changers Playbook
      • Complete transcripts for every training video
      • Downloadable audio files for each XF Series videos (for play on your iPods and MP3 players)
      • Winning Habits training video
      • Sport/Business specific “Affirmations” (audio and written)
      • Sport/Business specific “VIZ’s” (audio/video)
      • Sport/Business specific “Game Ready” (audio/videos)

“You could never pay enough for the value our team has received from this style of mental conditioning”

– Shiv Jagdav, head coach Team USA Olympic Field Hockey Team.

5. BONUS: a 20-minute private coaching session with Dave ($350.00 value).

“What Dave teaches goes beyond psychology and touches you at the core of your being” 

– Dr Ronald Lutz PHD, Dean Emeritus of American Institute of Psychology

This program is guaranteed to work if you apply yourself. But only if you don’t allow that negative voice to begin telling you why you can’t afford the program, or that it will take too much time to achieve your dreams and desires. Funny isn’t it, the concept that you don’t have time to live the life you dream up? Step up to the plate and be one of the success stories this coaching program.

“Everyone needs the right mental mindset to bring out the best in them. Dave’s process brings out that best.” 

– Jeff Garcia, 17 – year NFL All Pro quarterback

So here is the story where “bull-shifting your sub-conscience that you can do it” comes into play. Even though this is a harsh term, and one that I don’t uselessly use, this story is memorable and impactful. The year I was brought in to spring training to work with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Eric Gagne was in the middle of the most consecutive saves in Major League history. One day after I had given a talk to the team about developing your believe system Eric came over to me and said he doesn’t “believe” in himself. He said all he does is BS his mind that he could do it. I then said to him “so you believe you can BS your mind to do it?” In other words, he actually did have a belief sytem that supported his success, it was just coming from the opposite angle of “bull-shifting” his mind into that belief he could do it.

“As our company embarked on some aggressive growth initiatives, I brought Dave in to prepare our senior team management team for the challenger that lay ahead. He took our confidence and motivation to a new level, which paid big dividends in achieving our goals” 

– Kurt Johnson formerly CEO of Fastclick, Inc.

Eric Gagne went on to set the record and win the Cy Young Award that year. The Cy Young is an award given to the best pitcher in baseball that year. To me, this represents a mindset of Extreme Focus.

See you on the field!

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