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Mental Triggers that Snap You Instantly Into a State of Peak High-Performance

We’ve developed a unique mindset training system that provides easy-to-use mental triggers proven to shift your behaviors and reactions into right action in order to achieve greater results and higher performance in everything you do.  BEAST TRIGGERS is a proven system that gets your mind working for you rather than against you.

The Same System Used By Fortune 500 Companies, Professional Athletes, and our Elite Special Forces.

Get access to the same performance principles used by top executives, sales teams and companies. We’ve also worked with NFL, MLB, Olympic, and college athletes, as well as US Army Rangers and Navy Seals. The BEAST TRIGGERS system is the product of over 25 years of proven strategies and techniques.

If You’re Struggling with Overwhelm or Lack of Focus in Your Business and Life…


You may be operating below your potential. It may feel that you are working harder, not smarter and are out of a state of flow. Perhaps you too have experienced the following:
  1. Every time you check some critical tasks off your list, it seems that more tasks have piled up with no end in sight.
  2. You’ve failed before and fear holds you back from moving forward.
  3. The pressure to stay afloat as you balance bills, family, and work continues to increase.
These can create a downward spiral of lack of motivation and inspiration. You may start to feel like your true gifts are no longer able to see the light of day. This all leads to a lowered level of productivity and performance.


However, it’s not your fault.

When stress starts to build within our minds, we often default to our conditional habits developed over the course of our entire life. Some of these habits can be constructive, but most of the time they prevent us from moving towards our goals. We tend to sabotage our own success without even knowing it.


There’s good news though…

In the same way our conditioning has created negative patterns, we can feed our minds with constructive tools to improve all aspects of our life. With the right system in place, all of your true gifts and strengths can be unlocked while simultaneously eliminating deconstructive habits that do not serve your ultimate potential.

The BEAST TRIGGERS system is designed to supercharge your performance both personally and professionally.

Within the program, you’ll discover a series of mental principles with one of the highest memory retention rates in the industry. This means in any moment you can actually apply the concepts with little effort instead of having to having refer back to course materials… as is the case with most training programs.
This is like no other program you’ve ever seen, because…

This program truly triggers the beast within you!

Why beasts? Across the animal kingdom, different animals possess unique and highly desirable traits. For example, the falcon can channel extreme focus by narrowing in on prey from nearly two miles away and eliminating all other distractions. Or the crocodile, which can exemplify masterful patience in order to go unnoticed by its prey.
Combined, these animal principles can represent the best versions of ourselves when we learn and apply them to our life and business.

What Will You Learn

How to laser focus into a state of flow for increased productivity of up to 500%
How to set effective goals that actually produce meaningful results
• How to systematically stretch and expand your comfort zone for continuous growth
How to eliminate overwhelm and stay composed under pressure
• And much more…

“One of the things that really sold the client was our team. And that is truly attributable to these tools that I shared with them.”

Chris VeumPresident, AVRP Skyport

“Everyone has the ability to perform at these high levels... And this is like being able to touch that magic and pull it out at will. It’s really powerful”

Trevor ShirkCEO, Strattex Solutions Former Army Ranger

What You Get with the BEAST TRIGGERS System

BEAST TRIGGERS Audio Series ($294 VALUE)

15-Part Audio Series to apply the triggers
to your business and career!

✓ Bonus: BE A BEAST Video Library ($194 VALUE)

14-Part Video Series optimized to for your success!




“They don’t pay off on effort; they pay off on results. And BE A BEAST will get you your desired results.”
– Harvey Mackay

#1 New York Times bestselling author

“Read BE A BEAST and learn why success in life is really an inside job.”
– Ken Blanchard

#1 New York Times bestselling author

“The keys to winning in every aspect in your life are contained within the pages of this book.”
– Warren Moon

NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and founder of Sports 1 Marketing

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