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Introducing the Extreme Focus Certification Program

Extreme Focus takes pride in our commitment to excellence. And that extends to those who take their own professions seriously. We have a track record of delivering High Performance in all that we do and becoming a Extreme Focus Certified Coach brings you into that fold of excellence.

Announcing Our Next Certification Class:

Begins October 2024

Your path to being an Extreme Focus Certified Coach begins with a 3-Day Live In-Person Intensive, held in Salt Lake City, Utah. But this isn’t your typical workshop. It will take place in a beautiful private gated estate in Holladay, Utah where you will not only be inspired and rejuvenated by the natural surroundings, but also educated and motivated at the same time. Upon completion of these 3-days, you will then be supported by weekly 90-minute deep-dive online training sessions to continue growing your new Extreme Focus coaching business and practice. And then, to finish off the program, we have another 3-Day LIVE In-Person Intensive to perfect and test your new skills with other XF Certified Coaches.

You will be immersed in a close-knit and special group of like-minded high performance individuals who have both been doing this for years and for some are just getting started in the mental mindset performance profession. In these trainings we will explore unique coaching techniques such as “The Process,” the “Be A Beast” animal instinct trigger coaching principles, and you will learn how to give a “Game Ready” which is a highly effective method of visualization that founder, Dave Austin has perfected and used with his long list of elite and professional athletes, businesses, and entrepreneurs. You will also learn how to build your coaching business the right way to avoid the pitfalls and capitalize on “secret weapons” you will be given in this certification training.

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2024 Welcome Video
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