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Part Two: DEVELOPING NEW WINNING HABITS…for your success

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Step#4: Visualize Your Success in Advance.

Create the life you want by seeing in advance – all of your achievements, success, and desired results, and then use this process to “live into your video.” This is an extremely powerful tool, that when used effectively and on a consistent basis, will dramatically enhance your life and get you the results you are looking for. In this section, we discover that by using this process as a means to get where we want to go, realizing our goals and aspirations becomes almost effortless as they magically fall into place.

Proven Results

“Dave takes the mentality of the athlete to a higher level that I haven’t seen before.
He is definitely on the cutting edge of improving athletic performance through the mindset.”

-Chuck Long, Offensive Coordinator, Kansas Jayhawks, former Heisman finalist