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Part Two: DEVELOPING NEW WINNING HABITS…for your success

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STEP #5: Enjoy the Journey – But Also Enjoy the Battle.

Everything in life happens for a reason or has the benefit of providing an opportunity for learning and growth, so in this section we get in the practice and mindset of enjoying the process and enjoying the battle of our day-to-day experiences. Depending on your perspective, we can shift our attitudes and see the positive that can come from any situation or circumstance. Even though on the journey towards success, we undoubtedly come upon detours that we need to navigate through, this process provides the method to maneuver around these obstacles and get you back on the main pathway to success.

Proven Results

“I’d rather hit 180 being the person I am now, rather than hitting 300 being who I was beforehand. I enjoy baseball more than ever and the my results speak for themselves…”

-Jason Botts, outfielder for the Texas Rangers