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Part Four: BEYOND THE FIVE SENSES…new tools for your toolbox

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Step#10: Use Nerves as a Benefit – Not a Distraction.

In this section, we examine how the act of trying to calm ourselves down, stuffing away and burying our nerves actually makes us become less effective and productive. If we use our nerves as an advantage for extra power and strength, we can actually accelerate achieving any given goal that we set for ourselves. By using “extreme mental focus” principles, we are able to think on our feet and confidently make “accelerated decisions” with laser-like precision and clarity. In the process we also find the tools to “take on pressure” and use it to our advantage so that we can thrive rather than just survive.

Proven Results

“WOW! Right in my first conversation with Dave, he shifted something in me that has made all the difference. I look forward to every conversation. I’ve never played better.”

-Kevin Corey, Shortstop Austin Peay State University