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Part Four: BEYOND THE FIVE SENSES…new tools for your toolbox

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Step#11: Use Positive Energy – It’s Contagious – And Recognize that “Negativity Attracts Negativity.”

Have you ever noticed how the energy feels when you walk into a room full of people? Sometimes it may be lively and exciting, and other times you feel as though the tension could be cut with a knife. This is an energy that can be used to your advantage and improve the lives of others, but it can also be the energy that drains you and those around you of all your potential. In this section we explore this concept in greater detail and see how positive energy builds positive momentum.

Proven Results

“I was almost out of football when I first met Dave at a tryout for the UFL New York Sentinels. I went on to start in the UFL, which led to a contract with the NFL Detroit Lions. Dave helped me fulfill a life-long dream.”

-Paul Pratt, Cornerback Detroit Lions