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Part Four: BEYOND THE FIVE SENSES…new tools for your toolbox

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Next Steps…

How do you implement all of this in your game, in your life? You make sure that it’s a daily practice. I always say you have got to create winning habits, and winning habits are not something you just do once in awhile. You do them every day.

So venture in to the XF Membership Content and see what else you have here. You will want to start by watching the Winning Habits Video and then start using all the tools we have provided; the Affirmations, The Game Ready’s, The VIZ’s and be sure to be at our team meetings every month.

By using these next steps, these tools that we’re giving you in this membership you’ll find yourself playing at the highest level every day, not just once in awhile, your consistency will just rise up, rise up to where you have the most fun in your life.

Proven Results

“I was in my worst slump of my college career when I first met Dave and went on to hit over 400 in the College World Series working with him. Everything changed almost instantly.”

-Brad Boyer, Infield San Francisco Giants