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The Membership Overview Page is the first or second thing your members will see when they log in. (If you only have one program, its best to redirect your members directly to their overview page rather that the Welcome Page. If you have multiple programs, its best to redirect first to the Welcome Page. To manage where your site will redirect your members on login, go to PilotPress in the settings section and set the ‘customer login’ page.)

So for instance, when Susan (who is a Gold member) logs in she’ll see a page with an overview description of the Gold membership program (what she’ll be learning, benefits of the course, etc.) along with links to each of the different lessons available to her. When she clicks a lesson, she’s taken to that particular lesson’s page. Don’t worry, your lessons will appear on this page automatically.

Here’s how to create your overview pages:

  1. Click ‘Pages’ on the left. (In the backend of WordPress)
  2. Click ‘Add New’ (Or click on ‘Membership Overview Page’ to edit this page.)
  3. Type out your overview text: this is a description of the membership program. You might include benefits, what’s they’ll be learning, what to expect, etc.
  4. Click the little black and white lock icon in the tool bar.
  5. Change the settings in there to suit your fancy.
  6. Create a new overview page for each of your programs.