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Mental Performance Training for Game Changers

From: Dave Austin
RE: Are you a game changer?

For over twenty years I have been coaching elite athletes on the mental game. My clients have played on some of sports biggest stages including; the Olympics, the World Cup, the World Series and the Super Bowl!!

By using the latest video training technologies, I am now able to make my coaching available to athletes of all ages for just pennies per day…so whether you are in little league, high school, college, or are already a professional athlete, I can now give you these tools, insights and strategies that were only available to my private coaching clients.

Have you ever been nervous or afraid you were going to choke? Are you tired of not playing your best at the most crucial times in the game?

As athletes we are always on the firing line, and many times we’re afraid of what our coaches are going to think, what are our parents going to think, what are our teammates going to think if we blow it. We get lost in our own thoughts and it becomes fear that drives us rather than our desire to play at the highest level.

All of this mental mind chatter does is distract us and we actually perform at 50% or less than our true potential. We’re kept off-balance by our own inner conversations, and we end up fighting ourselves rather than putting all our strength towards our opponents The worst part is we keep this all a secret, since we don’t want anyone to know we have any doubts, weaknesses or limitations. And just by holding on to these inner conflicts, we actually make them more powerful. Wouldn’t you rather use them as fuel to increase our performance?

The good news is that you’re not alone with these thoughts. Even the best athletes have these inner conflicts, and mental performance coaching can help you train your mind to work for you, rather than against you.

If we have all heard that in sports the game is 90% mental, then why are we not training our brains? At game time we warm up our bodies, why don’t we warm up our mind?

If you think of your brain as a muscle, in order to get strong you need to work out your muscles. So how do you work out your brain? We have proven methods to do just that. We have techniques that help you laser focus your thoughts and attention to turn your nerves and mental pressures into your greatest strengths.

The next great leaps in physical performance are going to come from mental performance coaching. The Extreme Focus training will help you embrace and enjoy the battle, knowing that these are the moments you live for…

Not only has science validated the effectiveness of training the mind for sports performance, I have seen it work up close and personal, both as a professional athlete myself and as a coach working with professional athletes for more than twenty years.

Now for the first time ever you can get the same mental performance training that professional and Olympic athletes use to their advantage.

  • We Deliver Tested and Proven Strategies

    Our athletes have played at the highest level including the World Series, the Super Bowl, Grand Slams, the Olympics, and the World Cup.

  • We Get You “Game Ready” LIke a Pro!

    You will learn the same system we teach our private coaching clients to
    help you get “get in the zone” and to stay their longer!

  • We Give You Winning Habits

    You are given a system of “winning habits” that you can easily incorporate into your daily workouts, to perform at your best.

  • We Provide Access to the Pros In Our “Game Changers” Community

    As a member of our training camp you will be surrounded by players who are “game changers” within their sport. You’ll be able to share your story and learn from players and coaches at all levels. From high school to college, Olympic athletes as well as the Pros!

  • We Provide On Demand Access 24/7

    Our online training camp is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, which allows you to train and get “game ready” anytime.

Extreme Focus Trains Your Mind!

Our training methods, tools, insights, and strategies will help you exceed your potential and take your game to the next level.

People have always been asking me…
how I can get more of this kind of coaching?

It always frustrated me that I didn’t have an answer, especially when parents of young athletes would ask me “How can I get this for my kids?” In the past the only way was for them to become one of my private coaching clients, and there was a limit to how many athletes I could take on at a time.

That’s why I am so excited about Extreme Focus. These training programs are the culmination of the past twenty years of working with professional athletes, and it has taken 3 years to develop and produce these tools to make this work available to athletes of all ages.

Now when I am asked the question above I can answer “YES, I have something for you! The Extreme Focus Training Camp can help you go from wherever you are now, to where you want to be, from little league to the big leagues, we can help you become the “game changer” that you are meant to be.


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