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MEET OUR TEAM OF GAME CHANGERS: We combine the talents of the best; from viral video masters to internet guru’s, to extraordinary athletes and video production talents, here’s our starting lineup!

CATHY AUSTIN:Creative Director – indispensable whether that be in her favorite areas of creative design, film production, and copywriting, or in the areas of legal, marketing, product development, and finance.


ROGER ANTHONY: Chief Steward – a visionary, corporate trainer, and boxing speedball champion athlete whose knowledge and wisdom have raised the bar on the detail for excellence on our team.


DAVID BOUFFORD: Marketing/Implementation Strategist – who’s changing the “game of business” where in the past 6 years alone his clients have grossed $120+ million dollars in new revenues with his strategic advice.


AMISH SHAH: Internet Master – technology, traffic, business growth and marketer extraordinaire, who’s best known for personally generating over 1 billion clicks and $110 million in profits.


MARCY MORRISON: Director of Sponsorships: Kid Champion – with a big heart with a big passion for helping at risk/disadvantaged youth along with years of experience in raising sponsorship funds, Marcy is
on a mission to make sure millions of kids can get access to Extreme Focus trainings so they can become leaders in life and sports.


SHANE AUSTIN: as a Psychology graduate from the University of Hawaii who played D1 college football as a quarterback and is now playing in the professional arena football league, he was the first Extreme Focus student and success story.


CHASE AUSTIN: as a high school fullback, budding entrepreneur, and Stanford bound straight-A student, he is the one with the vision and creative talents who is mainly responsible for the look and feel of our web page design.


MERIDITH BARTMAN: Executive Assistant – a masters in sports administration helps her keep loose ends tied up and all project pieces bundled and organized, that is when she’s not doing back flips as our resident Charger Girl.


JEFF BRODIE: IT Tech Manager – the one go-to source for anything needed that revolves around technology, as he expertly built his own technology multi-million company from the ground up.


PAUL CHURCHWARD: Video Production Team Leader – our film editing specialist who embodies a perfectionist streak and leads the frontiers of electric, dynamic and cutting edge visuals.


Corporate Counsel – our in-house legal advisor who draws up all contracts for our employees and corporate partners, as well as keeping all of our IP copyrights and trademarks up to date.