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What is Extreme Focus

Mental Performance Training by Dave Austin

We have over 60,000 thoughts a day.  Extreme Focus is all about narrowing down all those thoughts and getting “in the zone.”   The zone is that magical place where everything seems to click, you are totally focused and nothing in the world can stop you from getting the job done.  Extreme Focus not only helps you get “in the zone” but help you stay there longer while taking your game to the next level.

The “Extreme Focus” approach to sports performance is based around Dave Austin’s exclusive 12-step process.  His methods are not considered ordinary, but rather the results he gets with his clients time and time again are quite extraordinary.

As Jim Tracy, the manager of the Colorado Rockies says, “Dave works like no one I’ve ever seen before. But then again, he’s the most effective of anyone I’ve ever seen in this field.”

Dave has had the privilege to work with teams such as the LA Dodgers and many top professional athletes in the NFL, UFL and Major League Baseball. So when the U.S. Olympic Men’s Field Hockey Team needed a boost – they sought out his services.

Head coach Shiv Jagdav said of Dave’s work, “You could never pay enough for the value our team has received from this style of ‘mental performance’ coaching. This work is priceless…”

Dave’s mental performance coaching is in high demand, and up until now only a few elite athletes and sports teams have had the chance to experience firsthand his “mental advantage” – basically due to his personal time constraints of private one-on-one coaching.  Now for the first time ever, using the technologies of the digital age and the extended reach of the Internet, Dave’s unique processes and coaching methods will now be widely available to athletes of all ages, taking them all the way for Little League to the Major Leagues.  Dave’s mental performance training products and online programs are designed to produce the same results his one-on-one clients have been enjoying for over twenty years.


Our students have the skills that make them powerful athletes and leaders; they know what they are capable of where they are going and how they are going to get there.


We inspire and educate student athletes and others through the latest technologies, utilizing proven mental performance principles that elevate not only their athletic performance, but also their ability to maintain better control in all areas of life and under all conditions. We train them how to have their minds work for them rather than against them, and increase their level of focus to be more productive and efficient.