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What do today’s greatest athletes have in common with the author of “Think and Grow Rich?” On the surface you may be thinking, it’s the “rich” part of course, because we all know that high-profile athletes make a ridiculous amount of money. But it’s more than that…it’s the use of a powerful manifestation technique called “visualizations.” And in my “mental performance” work with elite and professional athletes, I am best known for my visualization process. In this video, I’m going to share my 5 steps to a winning mental mindset called “The Process.”

What are the 5 Steps of THE PROCESS?

1. Appreciate Nature

2. Surround Yourself With Positive Energy

3. Ground Yourself In Gratitude

4. Visualization

5. Creative Expression

In this video, I’ll explain how the 5 steps can easily be applied to your life – and it’s not just about sports performance and how athletes overcome outrageous obstacles. THE PROCESS can be used in every area of your personal life, whether it’s focused on relationships, health, wealth, or overall happiness.

What area of your life could benefit by being “in the zone?” Would you like to get into the zone faster, and stay there longer?

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