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This week, I share with you wisdom from my own son, Shane, as he found his path in the AFL.

“Fear is a good thing. It is healthy. Panic, stress, and worry is not – it only distracts you from achieving what you are meant to achieve. When pursuing greatness, there will always be fear, if it is something truly worth pursuing. Use that fear to take you to greater heights than you knew was possible.

Everyone has that fear, but most people don’t reach their dreams and ambitions because of the panic that creates doubt inside and inhibits your ability to use fear as a strength. Fear now becomes a hindrance to you and brings you down. Fear is like a wild animal – a bloodthirsty carnivore that is always hungry to devour flesh. If you are to panic and let stress take over, this beast will surely devour you without hesitation.

But if you recognize this fear and understand its true strength and harness its energy, you can use this beast as a strength that works for you and with you creating a much stronger ‘you’ than you would’ve been without this fear.

Take the fear by the horns and ride on its back and you will be stronger than you imagined possible. Feel the fear, embrace the fear, use the fear… Be A Beast.”


– Shane Austin, Quarterback for the AFL Cleveland Gladiators