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This past week I was honored to give a keynote address at Harvard. This is something I have had on my bucket list. Didn’t worry about how I would be invited. I just decided I would love to speak there and started visioning giving a talk at Harvard.

We all have heard the phrase of a bucket list because of the popular movie “Bucket List.” To achieve anything that you desire, you first have to know that which you desire. If I was shooting a bow arrow, but didn’t have a target to aim at, my arrow would land wherever it landed. But, with a clear target to shoot for, you now have put into motion an important action step that will help you to hit it.

Too often we are just reacting to our conditions rather than creating our conditions. When you know the real power of intention – and start taking action steps with that intention – you begin living a life created by you rather than your circumstances.

So it’s important to set up your targets and put them on your bucket list. What are 5 things you can do today to move toward that target? Do this on a daily basis and you will “live into” your desires.

Know your target, see your target, take action steps towards that targeted goal, stay the course, and most importantly – enjoy the journey along the way. Use this to continue to check off those things that are on your own “bucket list.”