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Have you ever watched a movie or a video, where an animal or person begins sinking when they accidentally step into quicksand? They pretty much know what’s happening to them, but try as they might to get out of their predicament, they can’t seem to find a way out.

It is a helpless feeling as they sink deeper and deeper.

Now that you have a good visual of that, catch yourself the next time you are being indecisive. By becoming aware in that moment you can stop yourself from sinking simply by making a decisive decision. What keeps us from making clear decisions?

Lets take this head on so you never have to sink into the pain of being stuck in the quicksand of indecision again.

First trust in your inner voice: The fear of making a wrong choice will make almost any decision the wrong one because we do it with tentative reserve. In baseball, if a pitcher throws a pitch with tentative reserve, because he is worried that he might throw the wrong pitch, the chances of him succeeding have just decreased dramatically. Same thing goes for a quarterback in football. Have you ever seen a quarterback throw an interception and when he comes back out onto the playing field he is more tentative and is missing the timing required for success?

Trust is a big factor in any decision we make. The great quarterbacks still come out and win in the end, because they stay focused in the present moment of every situation. They empty the trashcan of that last play and step forward with confidence in their next split second decisions. If they keep worrying about the “what if’s” they have lost the opportunity of success.

Clarity is strength, and fogginess is weakness: Be strong by having a clear vision and committed decision. Even when you are uncomfortable, winners become comfortable when they are uncomfortable. Courage is not the absence of fear; it is taking committed action in the face of fear. Faith and hope are the master principles of continuous achievement.

  • Set clear intentions on what you would love and let these intentions guide you in your bold decision making.
  • Rehearse your success in advance, in order to shape your life rather than just reacting to situations or circumstances.
  • Take the time to visualize your desired results. Great athletes become great because they prepare themselves for greatness.

Make it a practice of seeing your vision daily. Build a stronger trust muscle in your inner voice by practicing daily in hearing it and trusting in it. Many people wait for everything to be perfect before they decide to act. While they are getting everything all lined up and ready, they often see someone else doing what it is that they wanted for themselves. Most of the time, it’s nothing more than someone just making a decision to take action and acting on it.

By taking “imperfect action” we can move towards perfect action, simply because of this committed action.

So next time you feel like you are becoming stuck in quicksand of indecision, take a deep breath, step just a little bit farther than beyond your comfort zone, and then find yourself standing within a grander much larger comfort zone. This is all possible when you make a committed decision.

Remember it is your choice…or not!!