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It is an interesting study into what contributes to an athletes success. What I have found the level they reach long term is in direct proportion to *How much FAILURE they can handle.* If they can’t handle failure–they won’t take on new challenges. When you won’t take on new challenges–you don’t get any better. I don’t care how great their “work ethic” is…or how many days a week they go to the cage or how much time they spend on the practice field.

To maximize their potential they must be willing to:

1. Look Foolish
2. Be Uncomfortable
3. Be Open to Constructive Critiquing

It’s not the most talented that are the best in the game…it’s the ones that have accepted the fact that they will make mistakes. And, it is those who are ready to learn from them.

Remember…this only applies to sports. This couldn’t possibly help you in any other areas of your life (wink wink).

– Jason Botts, former MLB player for the Texas Rangers


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