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Dave joins Mario Fachini on the Expert Authority Effect™️ podcast. Listen Below.


Host Description:

What You’ll Learn In This Episode

[0:37] – We thank our sponsor, Wirecast Pro

[1:19] – Get to know Dave Austin’s inspiration to start his company

  • He became a world rank tennis player.
  • Coached major league baseball players.
  • He was the first to do a commercial for Diet Coke.
  • “But I knew there was something in me that started way long time ago. And that was to be a coach to help lift people up.” – Dave Austin

[6:41] – The Beast Trigger training program

  • We all have these amazing instincts within us, but our minds get in the way.
  • Many times most of  us let our emotions get in the way of reaching our objectives.
  • Usable and practical tools.

[9:14] – “I just know that I’m always knowing the best will come even if it doesn’t look like the best because I trust in it.” – Dave Austin

[10:27] – Find out where Dave gets his strength from

  • Gratitude and appreciation.
  • “Honor what you’ve been given and it was rightfully yours.” – Mario Fachini

[14:17] – Dave’s biggest client transformation story

  • Best testimonial he’s ever received from his client: “I’d rather hit 185 and be who I am now than hit 325 and be who I was.”
  • “You’re only crazy if you let other people tell you what crazy is. If this is your true passion, don’t listen to anybody else. Listen to your heart.”  – Dave Austin
  • “If that’s what you truly want to be, you make that decision, but live off of your craziness, not someone else’s.” – Dave Austin
  • “So sometimes are you willing to go back to live the life you love because it’s like the monkey. When a monkey has momentum, it swings back tough, power forward.” – Dave Austin

[21:12] – “You can’t have a breakthrough unless you break down” – Mario Fachini

[22:24] – Putting out the fire

  • Losing every penny.
  • Swinging back stronger.

[26:09] – Dave’s book and the greatest miracle of his life

  • Accomplishments doesn’t come without doubt, without fear, and without setbacks. You just need to have a deeply rooted faith and leverage on that energy to overcome the hurdles.

[38:29] – The accountant and the dreamer

  • A little backstory of Disney Land.
  • “In life, sometimes all we need is that yes.” – Dave Austin
  • “Sometimes we’re one yes away, but we quit too soon.” – Dave Austin

[41:56] – More valuable insights from Dave

  • “Your subconscious mind is going to go whatever it is most familiar with and what’s not familiar with you winning, it’ll find ways to keep you from winning.” – Dave Austin
  • The difference between goal and intention.
  • “Gratitude is your spice of life.” – Dave Austin

[49:18] – We take a moment to thank  our sponsor, Wirecast Pro

[50:09] – Dave answers the Imperfect Action Round

  • The fastest path to the cash is surrendering to your victory.
  • “Whatever value you put to something that fuels a desire, that gives you the power to achieve it.” – Dave Austin
  • Most people value their comfort zone. Becoming self aware will change that mindset.
  • Maximizing customer lifetime value by learning constantly. Helping people transform and learning from client’s experiences.
  • Book recommendation: The Unfinished Cross: Listen to the Voice Within, Be A Beast

[1:00:37] – Reach out to Dave Austin