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Welcome to the EXTREME FOCUS Training Camp Members Only Area

We are excited to share with you Dave’s “Extreme Focus” mental performance training methods…basically we have taken all of Coach Dave’s experience, knowledge, and proven strategies that he teaches the pro’s and turned it into one amazing virtual “training camp” that provides affordable access to players of all ages and skill levels.

PLUS…if you purchased the PRO ELITE Membership you will also have access to our twice a month “live coaching calls” with Coach Dave and some of his guests which include his professional clients and coaches to answer the questions that are most important to you!!

And that’s just the beginning…there’s so much more we have inside our “training camp” just waiting for you to access, we can hardly wait for you to take a peek around and get started. Simply choose the series you have subscribed to in the menu at the top.

How do you compare to the pros?

If you are like most athletes you may be in for a surprise. You see it’s not only what you know that affects your performance…it’s what you don’t know that can make the difference between winning and losing!

What you don’t know…

Extreme Focus founder and mental performance coach, Dave Austin knows what it takes to be a winner! His clients are athletes who have played on some of sports biggest fields including the Olympics, the World Cup, the World Series and the Super Bowl!! He knows what it takes to train you to have…

The Mindset of Champions!

So let’s get started. The core teaching Dave has developed is his XF SERIES “12-Step Process” that helps you get in the zone quickly and helps you stay there longer. The 12-steps are the same no matter if he is training in Football, Baseball, Tennis, or any other sport. It even works well in the corporate and sales environments, and the XF SERRIES “Be A Beast” video illustrates that perfectly. Dave’s XF SERIES “12-Step Process” works for anything you do and helps you to elevate your overall performance in life.

We recommend that you begin your training camp experience by watching the XF SERIES “12-Step Process” video first. Each one is broken up into small bite size pieces. There is an Intro. Then there are four Parts with 3 Steps within each part, and a Next Steps at the end of each series. Take your time with each video and complete the “Winning Habits” exercises that are included to reinforce what you have learned within each step. The Game Changers Playbook is a companion to the training videos and helps to elevate the experience.

Other features of the Training Camp include:

  • Affirmations
  • Game Ready’s
  • VIZs
  • Winning Habits
  • XF Pro Elite training calls
  • Audios
  • Game Changers Playbook
  • Transcripts

So take a look around, and if you purchased the sport specific XF SERIES 12-Step Process video, which provides you with access only to that video, just know that you can upgrade to a membership at any time to get access to the entire library of training videos and materials, including all-sports. Just email for your upgrade discount code and for any other questions you may have.

Go ahead…get into the training and take your game to the next level.