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Why is it that one person “rocks” as in everything is possible, and another person “rolls” as in a downward spiral? Both have the same skill sets, and maybe are even in the exact same business. One is the star the other one is noted in the dictionary as an example of mediocrity.

What is the difference?

Have you struggled to fulfill your goals, dreams, and overall mission in life? Have you been up and down, then up and down again seemingly just repeating old habits and cycles?

Let me ask you this. Do you want to be the person who says why me? “Why don’t I get any breaks?” or do you want to be a person of purpose and definiteness so that you create your conditions rather than react to your conditions?

For years, my partner Roger Anthony and I have coached both top athletes and business executives. We work with them in getting their minds right to accelerate their business success…and with amazing results. In all these years one thing that has come up over and over again is this. If you don’t get your mind right, you aren’t going to get the success you seek.

shutterstock_81040804I firmly believe that you can have all the right tools and have the perfect recipe for success, but none of that really matters, if you don’t first get your mind right.  The tools will simply rust and never be used. The meal will just be mediocre.

The good news is that there are cutting-edge methods and techniques being developed for getting big shifts to occur; shifts that create positive bottom line results. I get excited about this kind of stuff. This is ultimately why I do what I do.

Did you know that both success and failure are a direct result of your daily habits? Your subconscious mind wants to keep you comfortable. It will do whatever it takes, even at the cost of your own success, to help you remain in a state of comfort. Crazy I know, but it’s a fact. Your subconscious beliefs will keep you at a level that keeps you feeling comfortable or less stressed. It’s not doing this to keep you from your goals. It’s doing this because it thinks that is what you would rather have or that it’s in your best interests.  Ha!

What do you think about that?

So what do we do when we know that our own subconscious beliefs are steering the ship…and many times means we are going in the wrong direction and not achieving your goals? It takes a mental shift. And to shift the course direction it takes a daily mental practice and a blueprint.

mind gearsHave you taken the time to create your own mental blueprint? If you haven’t it is like building a house by guesswork with no plans laid out and just a hoping everything comes together and gets built right.

For consistency, you have to have consistent patterns. Unfortunately most people default to a consistent pattern of struggle. And this is because they don’t take the time to lay out their plans with a clear vision, and then support it with daily practices that help your subconscious accept these plans as real and attainable.

And before you know it, or even know why, self-sabotage kicks in and you are right back into struggle-mode. This is the primary reason why I do what I do. I love what I call “bull-shifting” the mind into getting the results you desire. I love seeing people get what they want really out of life. That is why Roger and I created “Be A Beast” and the “Beast Mode ON” program.

But…and there is always a “but…” The problem is that the “Be A Beast” principles are so easy to live.  What? How can that be a problem? Well, that which is easy to do, is easy NOT to do. Until you are truly ready to make a bold move to shift your daily patterns, this “up and down” syndrome will go on forever and ever and ever and ever and ever…and ever!! Are you as tired of this yet as I am?

This leads us to a second problem. Which is: “I’m intelligent; I can figure this out myself.”


Why do you try to go it alone? Are you too proud that you even need to beat yourself up on this as well? Or maybe your subconscious mind doesn’t really want change. Because remember, all it wants to do is stay in what it knows (comfortable) and it knows “struggle” really well. It also knows failure.

Now, I can’t guarantee that having a clear vision and plan with a coach and system will work for you (even if it has worked for thousands of others). It takes courage, it takes dedication, and it takes slowing down so you are not “too busy” to move at lightning speed. Roger always says, “Get there fast by going slow.” I believe him.

Some of you will say that is impossible, and you are right. Some of you on the other hand, will be willing to invest in yourself and demand more, and you will also be right. But, which “right” do you want to be? If I want to climb the highest peak, and I had never done it before and it was known as a very dangerous climb, I would want to hire a guide to help me navigate the journey. I would want someone to guide me who has led many others before, and to follow their experienced footsteps.

“I had a college baseball player tell me recently, he didn’t need this mental stuff. He just needed to learn to get his front foot down softly.  I went on to ask him about his grades in school, and he said “okay,” he was always around 89%. I then asked if okay and 89% in baseball would get him drafted by a Major League team. What? He had never thought about that before. He was always too busy being just “okay” that he wasn’t willing to take the time to find the extra mindset tools to bust through into greatness and not just being okay.

I already knew the MLB scouts were saying he had all the potential, but just didn’t show enough consistency to take it to the next level. I asked him “how important was it” to him that he wouldn’t give a 100% with our mindset program? I told him if he were going to only give 89% that our program wouldn’t work for him. I went on to tell him that later on in life, he could tell his grandchildren how he could have been a big leaguer if only he had learned to get his front foot down softly while at the plate. That hit him square between the eyes.

This ball player then decided to commit all in and get off his 89% approach to everything. It wasn’t even very hard…after he made that decision. The first thing he found was he now enjoyed the game more. WOW, what a surprise! The second thing that happened was he discovered that he was now living his potential rather than trying to get it to show up.”

Incidentally, this will be the third straight year that I have had this same discussion with one of my clients. And each player who said, “yes” to them, was not only taken in the MLB draft, but they were taken within the first 10 rounds.

So, now let’s get back to you and how this relates to your life. You are always at choice; maybe you are just trying to get to a 89% level of success in your business and life. Maybe that is all you strive for. And, maybe you will even find a coach that will push you, but not too hard. Remember, you don’t want to exceed your potential, do you? You then go through the motions, so at least it looks like you are trying.

– Coach Dave

dave austin headshot


PS. I have been at ground zero and I have been at the top pinnacles of success. I have won, and I have lost everything at times. But, what I found is that every time I only gained, because I discovered I could lose all my money and bounce back as long as I never lost my excitement to expand, learn, and grow on a daily basis.

If you have a thirst to let the caged animal in you out, then “Beast Mode ON” is for you. Results good or bad don’t happen by accident. They happen by choice you make choices everyday known or unknown by you. When you begin to notice what you are noticing you begin to shape your world inside out, and are no longer living in conditions, but are creating your conditions you choose to live in.

The best news is thacropped-beast-mode-on.jpgt you don’t have to be on the brink of disaster to elevate your business and life into Beast Mode. You can already be successful and simply want to turn it up a notch or two to become more successful with more fun and less stress along the way. That’s how a MLB pitcher who was already in the big leagues making a decent $400k a year went on to signing a $13.5 million dollar contract within 6 months. Or, how a company, which already makes over $3 billion dollars a year and over the previous three years has not only, met their ever-expanding goals, but every year had exceeded them as well. Don’t fall into the temptation that says, “yeah, that is them but what about me?” Let me tell you this. The success and failures of these clients were a direct correlation to their daily habits.

Go from the jungle of hoodwink onto the mountaintop Yalwuna with “Beast Mode ON.” It all starts by taking one easy step…and on a daily basis. Set intentions for the day. Do a daily Game Ready Visualization and follow the rest of the “Be A Beast” principles.

Soon you will be one of the many testimonials saying, “that’s amazing, but of course! I’m in Beast Mode.” We guarantee if you set 3 intentions a day and watch the GAME READY video every day for 40-days, you will have the most amazing results and great things that just show up in your life.

Don’t just sit on the sidelines; get into the game. Your subconscious paradigms might kick in and say “oh, I don’t know…” but just commit to yourself to do the 40-days, 15-minutes a day. It is guaranteed to work. Isn’t your life worth it? Every time you are tempted to miss a day (for all the great reasons your comfort zone will come up with) ask yourself this one question, “am I important to me?”

Have fun, living fully and enjoying the ride!!! It’s game time!


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