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Why? Why? Why?!!!

Do you ever throw up your hands and just say why?

You have all the tools available to you. And all the smarts, but you feel at a stand still. It is like you are riding up hill on a bike with your brakes on. You have bought or gone to a zillion programs on business strategy, social media marketing, and everything else in between. You always get rev’d up only to end up frustrated, because they all make it look so easy. Why can’t you figure it out? You take one foot forward, and then two feet backwards. This is a dance you may be all too familiar with.

mind gearsOver the years of teaching and coaching mental training on a daily basis, one of the key things I have learned is this: I am not immune from the same patterns. The difference is becoming aware when you slip into conditional habitsand having a “mental trigger” to shift you back into the flow, rather than getting caught in an up and down pattern, and suddenly you are swimming with the current once again.

With the athletes I work with, I don’t eliminate nerves and pressure. Instead, I give them mental triggers to shift the nerves and pressure into strength, rather than a distraction. That is why I have been blessed to have worked with 4 Major League Baseball players that became MVPs for their MLB clubs. Just as in sports, both life and business work on the same laws or principles.

So what to do?

Well, don’t just throw out your tool box and start over. Even if it is not our “Beast Mode On” program, find a system that gives you simple mind triggers that you can relate to.  So, when the old patterns sneak up, you have a way of using your tools more efficiently and effectively.

We, at Extreme Focus, are in talks right now with a worldwide company that has already spent millions of dollars (with a personal development icon) for their employees to be better in customer service and sales. They are now feeling that program is a bit stale and out of date. The best news is they didn’t waste their money and the years they spent implementing that program. What we do just enhances and makes the tools they have learned, that much more valuable, available, and applicable on a daily basis. A win-win, that this company is excited about, as are we, to embrace this opportunity.

Many times the answer to “why” is not that complicated, or that far out of reach. As in the words of the late and great, Roger Anthony, “mind mastery equals life mastery.”

And as a great friend and mentor, Mary Morrissey, likes to say…

“notice what your noticing, then push the pause button and act in a mindful state.”

Half the battle is waking up so your true and real genius is allowed to shine!


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