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Why is it that a team plays better at home?

Teams generally win more at home than away, and I’m sure you have heard the term “home field advantage.” Well let’s look at the obvious and then I will give you the unseen advantage – an advantage you can use this in your business to create a winning atmosphere.

Home field advantages (the 3 most obvious ones):

  1. Playing in a familiar stadium and surroundings
  2. Crowd noise is in your favor – 12th man affect.
  3. You don’t have to travel and get stay in your regular time zone with the comforts of home.


The single most important key (and one that is not so obvious) – Positive Energy

The Power of Positive Energy | ExtremeFocusOver the years, I have tested the power of positive energy. What I have found is, there is a real invisible power in it. So, in a home field game situation, there are more people rooting for you than not – and this creates a unseen strength for the home team. This creates a positive effect. But, have you also noticed when a home team is doing poorly, and their home crowd is booing at them. This only compounds the focus on the field, amplifies its intensity, and propels the team in a downward spiral.

Perhaps. this is why some of the great comebacks have occurred when the stadium has already emptied out, leaving only the diehard fans in the stadium – and the negative energy has left the building so to speak.

Positive energy is your secret weapon to achieving miracle results. This is your invisible power. So in your business create a “home field advantage” everyday.

By controlling the energy within your office, you are able to take control of achieving your desired outcome of success.  Set the tone – positive energy attracts positive energy. Your end result? Everyone will feel the invisible power and you will be flowing with the current rather than swimming up stream.

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