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I’m excited, I’m stressed, I’m excited, I’m stressed – in other words, up down, up down patterns. The energy of excitement is not that different from the energy of stress. So many times, we need that “excited” energy (or think we need it) to function at the top of our game. The problem is, we are just creating up and down cycles.


Madison Bumgarner - World Series MVP SF Giants


As opposed to the San Francisco Giants MLB pitcher, Madison Bumgarner, who maintained a calm and focused mentality throughout the entire World Series. What a great example of shifting a high-pressure energy into focused commitment.


I am not saying that it’s wrong to get excited, but there are two different energy levels to excitement. One that borders a chaotic frenzy, and one that instead increases your focus. Many times high emotion and excited energy is followed by stress, so if something happens to go wrong your subconscious transfers the energy of excitement into the energy of stress; which are so closely related. Both have a high emotional factor, but one is channeled into a positive result. When you visualize your desired outcome in advance, you actually practicing getting your mind into a calm state. What happens in your mind is that your desired outcomes are already done, so you are now calmly allowing it to happen, rather than trying to “make it” happen. You see, trying or forcing something to happen, is a “pushing” energy rather than a “receiving” energy.


In our “Be A Beast” program RESPA the crocodile is one of our core principles. RESPA stands for: Relax, Evaluate, Strategize, Patience, and Act. The Beast program was developed around a whole set of “mental triggers” to bust your unconscious patterns apart. You see, when we first relax, we slow everything down in order to get there faster. We then can evaluate without distractions, which leads to where we strategize in an awaken state. Now all we need is patience, and then to act once everything else is in place, with clear commitment and in calm strength.


Here’s to having calm strength in all that you do.