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Recently I have spent some reflective time with Arthur Adams – an amazing man with a gift that taps into the “BIGGER YOU.”

What is the “bigger you” you ask? It’s that part of you that gives you your “invisible power.” Okay, so now you may be wondering, what is your invisible power? Well, that’s when you tap into a strength beyond your own strength and where you are able to access incredible knowledge and have your deepest questions answered. It’s that magical place when you just “know” what to do and how to do it.

It is wonderful present just for you… all wrapped and ready to be opened and just in time for the holidays. So, with the wonder of a child, go ahead and open your greatest gift… The Bigger You.

During my conversation with Arthur, he asked the question “what did Jesus mean when he said you will do greater works than I?” And “what did Jesus really mean when he said you are made in the image of God?”

This holiday season I invite you to discover the “divinity” in you, and unwrap your “bigger you.” We get so filled up with “us” that we don’t have any room for God to bring his/her brilliance through you. When you take the time to discover the gift that is within you, your world changes and you tap into a strength beyond your own, and a intelligence beyond you.

Have fun this Christmas unwrapping your greatest gift “The Bigger You.”


PS.  Watch for Arthur Adams and “The Bigger You” which will be coming out in 2015…it’s great stuff.