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As we step into 2015 it is all about implementation and self-discipline to carry out the goals we have set for the new year. The key to hitting goals is first knowing your goals, stating your goals, then writing and posting your goals where you see them everyday. So often we get motivated to write goals for a New Year then three weeks later they are out of sight and out of mind. Then we wonder next December why we weren’t more successful in achieving our dreams and desires.

My partner, Roger Anthony, studied the animal world where we can find valuable insights and lessons through their behavior, habits, and instinctive traits. In this instance, we look at the beaver to see how simple achieving goals are if you follow its behaviors. He named the the beaver GOWI for he noticed how determined the beaver was in building great structures underwater. Nothing stopped them from placing one twig after another until the job was done. So GOWI simply stands for Get On With It !

As humans, we tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. The key here is to simply state clear goals and then get on with achieving those goals one step at a time. To do the the “big things,” you must be willing to do the “small things,” on a consistent basis. Without implementation, the agreements we make lack integrity. So achieve more through greater action.

“Wisdom is developed by gathering the firewood of knowledge and igniting it by striking the flint of courage against the rock of self-discipline, thus creating fires of understanding. Wisdom is therefore knowledge on fire!” – Roger Anthony

So, when looking towards success in 2015, just “GET ON WITH IT” and have an amazing year!