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My business partner, Tony Bodoh, and I are working with a new corporate client who feels her team is overloaded with so many tasks they are attempting to juggleHave you ever felt this way yourself? Exactly… and that is why I thought Tony’s reply to them might be very insightful for you to read: 

The Art of Multi-Tasking

I did some research for you about multi-tasking. There is a lot of new research that has come out in just the last 1-2 years about the problems and even brain damage associated to multi-tasking.  


1. Multi-tasking is associated with less mass in the areas of the brain associated with empathy. Lower empathy drives lower rapport and connection and results in less trust in both people who are engaged in a social activity (e.g. an employee calling for help).

2. Multi-tasking lowers one’s IQ. Men can lose 15 points of IQ by multi-tasking, effectively making them think with an “8 year old” brain.

3. Those who excel tend to focus on one thing at a time and are able to accomplish things faster because they focus on the single task at hand.

This level of mental focus is at the core of the work Dave and I are doing together. Dave takes the system of mental focus tools he created during more than 30 years as a collegiate and professional athlete and as a coach to professional and olympic athletes.  He has integrated an unique anchor system with a proven 92% recall rate so that in a moment of stress, his clients can, with just one word, move to the emotional and mental state where they can perform at their peak.

Working with Dave, I have integrated my customer experience expertise by bringing The Customer Within to the Beast Mode LIVE! program. When we teach, Dave sets up the principle and I tune it for the specific needs of the audience we are serving. It is truly a powerful combination.

As you know from our conversations, I have been using this work with my daughters and as a volunteer mental coach for the kids at their dance school. Many of the dancers have succeeded at the local and regional levels, with several qualifying to compete in the National and World Irish Step Dance competitions.  This program is not for athletes only. It is for anyone who faces a potentially stressful situation in the daily work and who want to maintain a peak level of performance throughout the day.

Using anchors like DEPUTIS the meerkat, and LASPRO the Falcon, we can help your team plan their activities and then be laser focused on the one thing they need to do in this moment so that they have a successful day every day.


DEPUTIS is a system to clarify vision and direction. It’s a tool for project management and delegation. It’s a system of goal-setting and for the effective achievement toward that goal through clarity of purpose.


LASPRO Laser productivity is the key to effectiveness. to Laser in is to lock out any and all distractions, and requires intense focus through self-discipline. It also takes awareness of what you are targeting to be able to laser in on it.