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I recently had the privilege to go to Ft Benning in Georgia and speak to our Army Rangers – one of the most elite groups within our Armed Forces.  I was invited by Phil Randazzo and American Dream U, which is an awesome program that shares knowledge and wisdom with our troops and helps them transition from the military into the business world.

“It is not what you say, it’s what you do!”

The first morning we got up at 5:00 am and headed to the the obstacle course to go through what the Rangers do for training exercises. It was challenging, exciting, and quite frankly very, very tiring. I couldn’t do everything on the course, since my injured shoulder made some of challenges impossible. But, what was really great was seeing the commanding officer leading by example. He didn’t just tell the men what to do, he took on the course with full commitment. No soldier could back down when their 46-year-old commanding officer was leading the charge. In fact, I saw him lead two different groups through that morning never backing down once. I was excited to see such great leadership.


Dave Austin at Fort Rucker | Sports Phycology | Extreme Focus

Roger Anthony has a saying that I absolutely love, which is: 

 “It’s one thing to teach a principle and another to live it, but the greatest by far is to so thoroughly be it that your very presence does the teaching.


Great leaders lead by their example. Challenge yourself today to lead with “extreme focus” and integrity, so that others learn just by being in your presence.