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I had the privilege and honor to work with our finest in the “Best Ranger Competition” where the top 100 special ops Rangers compete for 36 hours and over 70 miles doing things that you wouldn’t think humanly possible. It took a toll physically and mentally, they relied on everything they had, and then some.

How many of us stop ourselves from doing something because we are afraid of failure or that it might be too hard?

After watching these guys go 36 hours with only about an 1 1/2 hours of sleep and continue to do things physically that very few can do, I am inspired to push myself more than before. There is so much more in us if we summon the courage to try.




While training these Rangers in my Extreme Focus mental mindset techniques, one of the things I had them do in prep and during the competition was to repeat their 3 main intentions out loud as they went through their night exercises:

  1. Keep winning the “one” and get stronger with every step.
  2. Love the battle
  3. RESPA – Relax, Evaluate, Strategize, have Patience, then Act

Afterwards, they told me these 3 intentions were the strength that kept them going in their darkest moments and believe me there were many. When you stay focused on your intentions, the impossible becomes possible.

So, here’s a tip you can implement into your everyday tasks:

Have the courage to start, and then stay the course while staying zoned in on your intentions.