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Today when I was giving a “game ready” visualization, nature started to intensify all around me. We were at a campground in the middle of a Georgia forest at Ft. Benning. Most don’t know the power you can tap into within nature. Ralph Waldo Emerson would walk in the woods every day to breath in its wisdom, and then write his great works. Nature loves to be appreciated, so when you take a moment to appreciate natural beauty, nature responds by intensifying with more beauty and sending out a energy that you can actually tap into for greater strength.

I have been doing this process with my clients for years helping them tap into this strength beyond their strength and tap into their “bigger you,” which by the way is the title of my book coming out next year after the “Be A Beast” books that are being release later this year.

The problem for most of us, is we try to do it on our own. But, when you take the time to appreciate God’s gifts your entire world changes. Einstein didn’t have a bigger brain, he simply took the time to tap into this bigger connection. Those of you who use this information to your advantage, will achieve great things. Those of you who think this isn’t real or is some kind of airy-fairy stuff, will perhaps stay stuck in your conditions.

One time when I was playing in the U.S. National Tennis Championship, I was completely exhausted and didn’t think I could go on. At that moment during the change-over break, I focused on a beautiful tree that was just outside the court area, and was able to gain the extra strength to go on and win the match.

My good friend, Jim Colborn, who pitched a “no-hitter” once for the Milwaukee Brewers, shared with me that he did the very same thing when pitching. The old Brewers stadium had a tree just beyond center field, and Jim would focus on for that extra boost and went on to win 20 games that year!

This is collaboration in the purest form. So, do this for increased performance:

Take a few minutes to really “connect” with nature in appreciation every day and then take on the tasks of your own day more inspired and with a renewed strength.