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The word “surrender” is typically a term associated with defeat or failure. Historically, when someone is at war with someone else and has had enough, they throw up the white flag signaling that the war or battle is over and that the opponent has won.

With that in mind, the title of this post might seem confusing or contradictory to the average person. However, there is a greatness within every one of us. Some innately understand this power and utilize its strengths to achieve truly amazing things. Others, conversely, choose to live into their conditions and surrender to the challenges the world throws at them.

We Hold the Key to Our Own Success:

I believe that all we really need to do is open up to that greater “you” that may be locked away. We hold the key to our own success, but a lot of us never achieve our desired results because we are not willing to open up to that greater gift. We go to war with ourselves without even knowing it. And as with most wars, the problem lies within the power of control.

I have to admit, I am a victim to this at times. Up until now, I have always been one who wanted to be in control of ALL of my circumstances. Whether that be being closed off to other people’s ideas because I felt mine were better, or trying to tell other teammates and even coaches how to do their own jobs. I would sometimes forget that most things in our lives are actually out of our control.

Surrender to the Power Within:

Now before we all spin wildly out of control with worry and give into a life full of overwhelm, let’s all try and surrender to that greater power lying within us. That inner genius can simply be just letting go of the pressure of trying to be in control of everything. Not only does that pressure weigh us down and take a toll, it prevents us from surrendering to our greatest gifts.

I remember well when my offensive coordinator at the University of Hawaii, Coach Rolo, would always say, “Don’t be afraid to be great!”

He would say it jokingly because why would anyone be afraid to be great right? In all seriousness though, there’s a lot of truth to it. This simple statement has stuck with me for years. Many people have a habit of self-sabotaging their success before it happens because it may be something they’re subconsciously uncomfortable with. To achieve this success though, we must step out of our comfort zone and simply allow this greatness to flow naturally.

There is a popular saying that I love to live by in times when I know I need to loosen my grip on control… “Let go, let God.” When I trust that there’s a greater strength working through me, I can allow that strength to take over and do the heavy lifting. I no longer have to fight through the challenges alone. I can rely on the strengths of something truly greater working within me.

Barriers to Our Own Success:

The trick is being able to trust in that gift and allowing it to flow freely. But, trust is sometimes easier said than done. We are hard-wired to put up barriers in order to protect us from experiencing negative results or failures. So most of us don’t allow ourselves to open up to that power because of the fear saying, “What if I fail?” When you do this, your chances of greatness just got locked away and you’ve now become a prisoner to your fears.

To break down the walls and open up to trusting in your strength, we must surrender. Surrender to your inner genius. Surrender to your instincts. Surrender to that voice telling you to “GO!” when others are telling you to “stay.” Surrender to the efforts of your team, rather than doing everything yourself. Surrender to your potential, rather than your limitations. Surrender into strength. Surrender to success. Surrender to victory… and surrender to greatness!

Greatness is within all of us; so there is no need to go to war with it, just surrender into it.

Quote of the Day:

“Stay loose and don’t get shook… Bend with the bamboo.”  – “Hammerin” Hank Austin, WWII Navy Chaplain a.k.a. “Grandpa”

Shane Austin
Extreme Focus Certified Coach
Twitter/Instagram: @shaneaustin10
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