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For most of my life I’ve been called a Beast.

Standing 6’7” and weighing an athletic 255 lbs. during my fifteen seasons as a professional athlete–the Beast nickname seemed fitting. But it’s only been this last year since I’ve felt like one. That was the time that the “Be A Beast” system became engrained in me. That’s when I began feeling aligned. Living congruently with all of who I was and freely pursing all that I wanted. It was a year ago that I stopped living in my head–and began living from my heart. I began staying in the present longer, tapping into a power greater then my own, and enjoying living my life in the zone.

All because of these “Be A Beast” animal triggers. All because I took the time to engrain them into my nervous system–downloading them into my muscle memory.

That’s when I BECAME the principles.

I no longer had to think what I should do with the steps–I just KNEW what to do. That’s when the “beasts” became alive inside of me. It’s that power, that flow, that makes me feel like a Beast now. I now live a life of less thinking–a life of more heart, more courage, more instincts.

  • For those that understand the flow of living life as a Beast–I’ll be able to recognize you in passing.
  • For those that know of the system, but haven’t gotten it to being second nature…
    Hold on–keep progressing. You’re so close.
  • And for those who don’t know yet about the “Be A Beast” Mental Performance System–Maybe now is the time to learn more.

A life of “living in the zone” awaits you.

A life of feeling like a Beast awaits…


Jason Botts

Former MLB Player for the Texas Rangers and Extreme Focus Coach