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Having worked for years with high achievers and others who have learned to become high achievers, I have discovered one of the main reason some make it to the top and others don’t when given the same opportunities is we become addicted to our comfort zone.

Our brains are hardwired to protect us in unknown situations. This can keep us safe from danger, but also keep us prisoners to our own comfort zones.

Over the years I have worked with Major League Baseball players (4 of which became MVPs for their teams) and in each case we had to expand and stretch their comfort zone. So much so, that they had to become comfortable being uncomfortable. I have applied these same principles to amateur and pro football, soccer, golf, tennis, and Olympic athletes with the same high performing results. And, they work.

In fact, these same principles and “animal triggers” are what I use when working with Navy Seals or Army Rangers and now with corporations and entrepreneurs. Why? because many times we frighten ourselves out of positive bold action. The fear of what others will think if we fail, or our own thoughts of “Can I really do this?” can take us down when the going gets tough instead of lifting us up to new heights. There are plenty of people around us all the time telling us why we can’t. Our external environment can either help or hurt us, but ultimately it comes down to your innermost belief system. The only way to change your hardwiring is to create new behavior patterns on a repetitive basis. In our “beast” trainings, we call it creating “Winning Habits.”

Extreme Focus and Beast Mode ON training creates real change in each individual because it instills instinctive triggers (with practice) that cause you to start to behave differently. You now focus on your objective rather than allowing emotion to get in the way of your success. And then, when you start seeing REAL results, you become more willing to dive in deeper and perform with even more focused action. Because of this preparation, you actually think less and move into right action quicker and more consistently.

The interesting thing is…with all this proof of success, and even when this makes total sense to you, only a few will take action to learn more. Most will find reasons why we don’t have the time or money to follow through. Most people actually value their comfort zones more than achieving their dreams. They feel things are okay within their lives. But, okay can never compete with WOW. It takes stepping up to the plate and taking a swing. Simply put, you can never get a hit, if you don’t swing the bat.

Half of the battle is becoming aware of these self-defeating habits we have. The other is taking action with something proven to keep you on the path to your success.

Champions are Champions before they are Champions, so let us help you to bring that Champion out and achieve greater results.