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Performance management is finally here. And after being a leading expert in the field of performance management for many years, it’s great to see that the top companies are now finally realizing how valuable human-performance plays in the success of their companies. Yes technology continues to advance at an almost impossible pace—and technology has increased productivity in many ways. But at the same time, if we rely solely on our technological advancements to increase our productivity we are ultimately doomed for failure. It still takes teams made up of individuals to work together to ultimately drive success. 

Recent studies show, the more time and money spent on developing the culture and unified vision of the company, the more the company’s bottom line grows in a positive direction. The workplace is more fun and this contagious positive energy fuels greater success.

Here are 3-Key Factors to Elevating a Company’s Performance:

1. Strategy and Execution – Laying out winning action steps employees can take to increase their output in a healthier way. Setting up goal-setting with a solid system in place. Day to day work. Winning habits take practice. What practices are you teaching your employees that help them grow and dissipate overwhelm? Creating the space for the employee to grow, stay motivated and excited about their job, and creating the environment with a feeling that they play a valuable part within the success of the company, will create the results you are looking for.

2. Performance Coaching & Improvement – The amount of money a employee receives definitely plays a role in their motivation. However studies show that if they feel like they are advancing and are able to continue their learning and keep advancing in their skill-sets takes them to even higher levels of performance and achievement. Every elite athlete has a coach. This is why records keep being broken. Isn’t it time for you to look at your company in the very same way. Create a CHAMPIONSHIP team with great coaching and you create a CHAMPIONSHIP company.

3. Performance Measurement – Create a fun and rewarding measurement system. This is a great way to see how your team is doing. Instead of speculation there is clarity. You see the good and redirect the areas that need to be improved upon. I like the “3-2-1 method.” 3) find 3 wins that we can all celebrate, 2) focus on 2 areas we can improve on, and 1) what is 1 great action step to take immediately. With this”3-2-1 method” you are putting your biggest assets on a solid ground, which give you the greatest chance of performing at the top of your game.

It is so easy to stay stuck in what you have always done. But, to take your company to new heights it has never been to, takes the COURAGE to develop your leadership at a whole new level. This can be daunting or exciting. It is truly your own choice. Conditions may change, but it is who you “become” and are “being” in each condition that truly dictates your ultimate success—or failure as the case may be.


Dave Austin
Extreme Focus Founder and Mental Performance Coach