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People ask me all the time “what does it take to be #1?”

The short answer is dedication, determination and focus…the not so short answer is by telling my personal story.

Back when I played professional tennis, I gained a world-ranking on the tennis tour, but never reached number #1. Many years later I decided to play the senior tour to see if I could utilize the “mental principles” I coached Olympic athletes, NFL, Major League Baseball and others in order to achieve greater success. So at the ripe ol’ age of 50, I became #1 in the 40s. Yes, I even dropped down one age division and played the younger guys!

Not an easy task, but one I desired to pursue.

It was a long year where many times I actually “fired” myself and almost gave up…but at the end of the year I reached my goal of a #1 ranking!!

I now apply these same mental mindset tools into everything I do, and recently my team and I put these same techniques into an audio program called BEAST TRIGGERS. We haven’t officially made these available to the public yet, but have spent a considerable amount of time perfecting them so that each of our transitioning military folks will have access to them shortly.

So why should you care?

For ONE DAY ONLY I invite to take advantage of our first ever “Black Friday” special at 75% off our everyday price (and maybe I’ll do it again for Cyber Monday if you twist my arm hard enough).

Access this amazing mindset training for as little as $47.00!!

As mentioned, we have never offered our BEAST TRIGGERS to the general public before, but now is your chance. To perform at your peak performance whether that be as an Olympic athlete, Navy Seal, Army Ranger…or an exec of a company, in sales, or anything in-between, it all starts with your mental fortitude.

Our Be A Beast Training has proven results that make it one of the most effective systems ever developed. Watch the videos on our “BEAST TRIGGERS for Business” web page where they tell the story of how to win a “championship” in your business. Also, take a look over the testimonials at the end of this email. You don’t receive these type of statements by accident…they come from REAL results.

And we want YOU to achieve these same results and have the same success that our athletes and business clients are having too.

So this “Black Friday” don’t wait in a line…simply CLICK HERE to take you and your business to #1

Have a great holiday season!! …and eat some turkey for me…


Dave Austin
Extreme Focus Founder

co-author of the #1 International Bestseller “Be A Beast: Unleash Your Animal Instincts for Performance Driven Results”